Monday, June 22, 2009

Coach Millhimes Set's A Major Goal For Nesbitt

Atlanta - Coach Jeff Millhimes has been talking about the new " Triple Threat Offense" at every media session. With all the hype about the new system in place, it was a matter of time before he was asked about how Josh Nesbitt would handle the pressue. His response put smiles on everyone's face.

" I've set a major goal for Nesbitt. I want him to look in the range of 1,000 yards rushing and 2,000 yards passing" said Millhimes. Only six QB's have accomplished that goal.

Nesbitt helped the Yellow Jackets go 9-4 and end a seven-year losing streak to Georgia in a season that also featured victories over traditional ACC heavyweights FSU and Miamii. Tech should enter the fall in the national rankings and looms as the main challenger to two-time defending league champ Virginia Tech.

Nesbitt's passing statistics suggest otherwise. He connected on 43.9 percent of his passes last season, with five interceptions and two touchdowns. A lack of targets didn't help matters, as Demaryius Thomas finished the season with 39 of Georgia Tech's 74 receptions.

Of course, it's tough to establish much of a rhythm as a passer when your team is running the ball almost 80 percent of the time, but Nesbitt knows he can do better. He considers a completion rate of around 60 percent a realistic goal.

If Nesbitt actually completes 60 percent of his passes, it would provide a major boost to an offense that already may be tougher to prepare for than any attack in the country. The Yellow Jackets gained 372.5 yards per game to lead the ACC in offense. They dismissed the notion that the option attack was a ball-control offense by scoring eight touchdowns from at least 50 yards out. Louisiana-Lafayette was the only team with more touchdown plays of 50-plus yards.

The Yellow Jackets look to 2010 with some big goals. They know they cannot win without a healthy and productive Nesbitt. Nesbitt wants to be the next McNabb. This season will go along way into telling his future.

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