Friday, November 6, 2009

#1 GT Survives In OT Over Rival #25 Georgia

#1 GT survives Scare with 40-34 win over #25 Georgia.......#6 Michigan Beats Ohio St 35-28........Mississippi St beats Ole Miss 36-21......#2 Florida hangs on for a tough 21-17 win over #15 Florida St.........#7 Notre Dame hopes to bounce back with a win over #23 USC.....

Atlanta GA- The Rival game every year between Georgia Tech and Georgia seems to never left any down. GT managed an thriller last year to win on a last second field goal. This year was yet another barn burner except this one was like watching to teams trying to lose?

Georgia Tech rallied from 10 down and overcame 4 turnovers including a key one in the 4th to knock off #25 Georgia . Bulldogs QB, Gray threw 2 Touchdown passes and 4 Interceptions. Two of those picks were to Cooper Taylor.

The other big story in this one was the play of LE Jason Peters. Peters finished the game with 7 tackles and 5 SACKS!! 2 of those came in the OT period as Georgia faced a 4th and 25.

Josh Nesbitt struggled most of the first half before settling down and throwing for 285 yards and 3 touchdowns. Thats included the game winning touchdown in the first overtime to Thomas for 13 yards out to give Georgia Tech a run of the regular season table 12-0(8-0).

Larry Cox had a case of the fumbles as well. He had 93 yards and 3 touchdowns on 22 carries but almost gave the game away in the 4th. He fumlbed in the 2nd quarter then the 4th was really a back breaker. GT was driving with under 1 minute left at the Georgia 29 yard line. On 3rd and 1, Cox got the handoff and dropped the ball after being gang tackled. The Bulldogs recovered and sat on it to the end the 4th.

Thomas once again had a fantastic game. He had 11 catches for 161 yards and 2 touchdowns in his final home game.

It was 7-3 midway through the Second quarter when Avery green caught a 19 yard touchdown pass for the Bulldogs to make it 10-7. After the Cox fumble at the GT 30. The Bulldogs punched it in and took a nice 17-7 lead. Nesbitt would hit Thomas for a 15 yard touchdown catch just before half to make it 17-14 Georgia.

On the first series for GT, Josh Nesbitt lost a fumble on a QB scramble and it was returned for a touchdown to make it 24-14 Georgia. GT would answer with a Touchdown run by Cox then intercept Gray and set up yet another Touchdown run by Cox. They would miss a critical extra point and would led 27-24. Georgia would tie it at 27 with a field goal to end the third.

The Fourth saw both teams trade possessions before Nesbitt hit Cone for a 4 yard touchdown pass with 3:12 left. Georgia answered with a Gray to White 21 yard touchdown pass to tie it back up with 2 minutes left.

Bottom Line, GT was lucky in this one. If this was Notre Dame, Florida, or Army for that matter it would be a loss. The ACC title game is coming and a rematch of last years game in Florida with Florida St and GT. Florida St won by a touchdown last year after Nesbitt was knocked out of the game. Coach Millhimes and the Yellow Jackets are hoping for a different outcome this year.

NCAA Stat Leaders As Of 11/14
Passing YardsSTAT
1.Sam Bradoford (OU)4226
2.Christian Ponder(FSU)3978
3.Taylor Potts(TXTECH)3760
Passing TD'sSTAT
1.Jimmy Clausen(ND)40
2.Riley Nelson (BYU)34
3.Kellen Moore (Boi)33
Rushing YardsSTAT
1.Bryan Harvey(UCF)1315
2.Ahkeem Smith(Tem)1289
3.Leonard Mason(CSU)1268
Rushing TD'sSTAT
1.Richard Murphy(LSU)21
2.Andre Byrd(Navy)18
3.Josh Nesbitt(GT)15
1.Kealoha Pilares(HAW)99
2.Briggs Orsbon(Lou)93
3.Tramain Swindell(TXTech)91
1.Jason Peters(GT)23
2.Obrien Schofield(Wis)17
3.Jason Ankrah(NEB)14
1.Mario Butler(GT)8
2.Major Wright(FL)6
3.Franklin Brown(FIU)6

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