Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vegas Dream Match Set

#1 GT set to face # ND.....#2 Florida over Miss. St 38-13......#7 Michigan slips by #25 Wisconson 38-37...#8 LSU all over Ole Miss 54-7....#10 OU over Baylor 26-14.....Who Will Coach Amp Hire as DC? Stay tuned for Sportscenter after the game to find out

For those of you living in a cave. Well lets face it, even you have heard about this game. The #1 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have become the new model for " America's Team". They started the season ranked #18 and have since climbed the ladder to gain the #1 spot in the country. They have won Coastal ACC Title and are looking at something alot bigger.

The #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been hanging around the top of the CFB now for the last two years. Jimmy Clausen has had his team very close to a National title and this year is no exception.

This weekend's battle between these two teams will likely decide who plays Florida in January. Now, its hard for some of us to be on a bias level here so what we did was previewed a few positions and matchups to watch...

Notre Dame Stadium..Nov 13

#1 Georgia Tech
vs #3 Notre Dame
Nesbitt- 2,641 Yds, 27 TD, 5 INT vs Clausen- 3,291 Yds,38 TD, 9 INT

ADVANTAGE- ND. Yes, this is a dream matchup for fans all around College Football world and Vegas for that matter. Jimmy Clausen and Josh Nesbitt are two of the top three running for the Heisman this year and likely a spot as the #1 Overall Draft Pick next year. Both Qb's have not lost a game but the difference is that Clausen has seen this pressure before while Nesbitt has not. Nesbitt will win the battle if it comes own to running but Clausen leads the CFB with 38 TD passes. I it comes down to arm, Clausen Wins.

Here are a few other positions that will determine the outcome of this one.


ADVANTAGE- GT. Notre Dame will be without Freshman Cierre Wood is nursing an injury. They have Sophmore Jonas Gray to fill in. His 667 yards and 10 touchdowns lead the way for the Irish. On the other side, you have Lucas Cox who returns after missing some time for an injury. Cox missed 2 1/2 games and still leads the team with 914 yards and 7 touchdowns. Nesbitt is the key factor as he has 640 yards and a team leading 13 touchdowns on the ground. Last but not least is Roddy Jones who has not seen many carries this year but could be a wildcard. His 5.1 average on 27 carries should not be overlooked.

Wideouts and TE

ADAVANTAGE-ND. Kyle Rudolph and Michael Floyd lead the team in recieving and Touchdowns. This Tight End and WR will likely be drawing alot of attention from the GT secondary. GT has Tyler Melton and Demaryius Thomas to lead there staff. Although Thomas and Melton do have the athletic ability to make a difference, they are way to small and have double digit drops.

Offensive Line

ADVANTAGE-GT. Clausen has been sacked 23 times while Nesbitt has gone down but 13 times. Nesbitt may have quick feet that helps him but the GT offensive line may be the difference as they run block almost every play and are use to physical contact.

Defensive Line

ADVANTAGE- GT. Hard to argue this one when GT has Jason Peters with 17 sacks and TJ Barnes with 10. These guys couldleave school early but coach Millhimes hopes they stick around. Peters has 27 TFL's as well. ND has Kapron Moore leading the way with 10 sacks. ND better hope they can keep pressure on Nesbitt or the GT Qb could put up monster numbers.


ADVANTAGE- GT. GT has a great secondary and they will need it against Clausen. Team Captain Mario Butler has 7 INT's to lead the leauge and has 3 of those returned for TD's. Clausen best avoid him. On the other side of the field is Deron Jasper who has 4 INT's and 3 of those went to the house. very scary CB's. SS Mario Edwards leads the team with 55 Tackles. Notre Dame Corner Robert Blanton has 4 INT's to lead the team and has taken 2 the distance. Nesbitt will most likely avoid this player unless its 1 on 1 with Thomas. Tortan SMith leads the team with 55 tackles and will likely have a huge add to that with the GT running game.


ADAVANTAGE- ND Coach Daz has been a round for sometime now. He as hsitory with Alabama and can hang with the best. He has been hanging around the TOP 10 the past couple of years and has dominated Michigan the past few seasons. The guy can make a ** QB into a star overnight. Coach Millhimes is in his second year as coach of GT and is showing progress. He lost Dwyer from a year ago and still runs a mean Option that can hurt the best. If Millhimes hopes to pull out a wildcard and slow this offense down, he better get to Clausen early and hit hard.

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